Here is my design to celebrate the Black Metal icon Per “Dead” Ohlin.

MayheM’s “Live in Leipzig” is the famous 1993 live recording that is only one of three official release featuring Dead on vocals.

I made this shirts following original Leipzig artworks and Dead’s letters: the text is taken from his suicide note and the signatures extracted from his letters.

It has been a tremendous honour for me to have the opportunity to praise the Voice of Black Metal. The Legend lives forever.

There will be manufactured by Avantgarde Music.


14 comments on “Per “Dead” Ohlin Hoodie/Shirt

  1. Sven Küsters on said:

    Hey there
    I just wanna thank create
    An shirt to dead from the True mayhem
    Band. Dead he s still my Favorit black metal vocalist.
    He was Not a fake he was pure evil and the True spirit
    Of Black metal. So there is one important questition Do you
    Deliever to germany? ?and how i could Order your awesome shirts? ?
    Please let me know.
    Sven Küsters

  2. Steinar on said:

    Hello Francesco I want to say that this is an amazing design and i want to know where I can buy it I went to avantgarde muic shop online and i couldnt find it please help

  3. This is most excellent…can’t wait for you to make some more…

  4. Enrique Esparza on said:

    HI there! As you may know, it is extremely rare to find a Dead shirt. I looked on avantegarde music website, but had no luck finding this shirt. Is there a link to the direct webpage to buy these items? I’m willing to pay a hefty price for something as awesome as a Per Yngve Ohlin shirt with the Mayhem Logo like the one on this page. I would love to wear this shirt or sweater when they tour here in january! Please reply because this is such an awesome design, and would hate to miss the opportunity to at least try to purchase it.

  5. Hi when will the shirt be available? It’s so amazing. Best mayhem shirt I’ve ever seen.

  6. Krystal on said:

    Is this item still for sale? If so where can it be found now?

    • Hi Kristal, This shirt was released by Avantgarde Music and it’s sold out. For more info, please, contact Avantgarde Music:

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